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Backformation example
Backformation example

Backformation example

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Download Backformation example

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Back-formation is the process of forming a new word (a neologism) by extracting actual Examples of back-formations (derived from the words in parentheses).

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Jul 22, 2014 - Back-formation is one of several methods by which new words are added to the language. An often-quoted example is the word pea. Before Back-formation is the reverse of affixation, being the analogical creation of a new word from an existing word falsely assumed to be its derivative. For example The definition of back-formation is a word created by removing a part of another word, or the process of how this new word is made. An example of

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Definition of “back formation” | The official Collins English Dictionary online. Comprehensive and Your search found: back formation; Usage examples; Trends A word that is formed from an existing word which looks as though it i. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.An English back-formation refers to either the process of creating a new lexeme (less precisely, a new "word") by removing actual or supposed affixes, or to the Back-formation is either the process of creating a new lexeme (less precisely, a new "word") by removing actual or supposed affixes, or to the neologism formed Jan 17, 2012 - Back-formation is often the result of an overgeneralization of derivation suffixes. For example, the noun back-formation entered the English Apr 28, 2009 - Another everyday example is burgle, a back-formation from burglary. In U.S. English, burglarize (or -ise) is by far the more common verb, but

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